A letter a day: U is for upside-down

Yep, that’s upside-down alright.

I also wanted to mention that I watched the live stream of Lisa Congdon’s class, Become A Working Artist, over the last two days and it was really terrific. It was full of practical advice, much of which I was pleased to find out I’ve already started doing, and covers fine art, licensing, illustration, marketing, and more. If you didn’t get to watch it live, consider purchasing the video. It’s over 12 hours of instruction from someone who has lived what she teaches and it’s totally worth the price.

A letter a day: P is for peculiar

He’s pretty peculiar alright, but in a pretty darn cute way.
My sticker paper arrived yesterday – it looks pretty awesome – and my Silhouette Portrait cutter should be shipping soon. I’m way more excited than a grown woman should be about making monster stickers! 🙂