A letter a day: D is for dark night


I love how my smiling, spooky tree turned out, thanks  in large part to this –> tree bark tutorial on deviantart:

Here’s another great art licensing resource: it’s not free but it’s a steal at just $2.99. It’s Kate Harper’s 20 Steps to Art Licensing, and it’s another one of my favorite resources. It’s a no-nonsense, straight to the point guide for breaking into art licensing. She literally lays out what you need to do in 20 concise steps. You really can’t go wrong for $2.99. Kate also has a great blog with a list of companies that license art here.

A letter a day: B is for bones (plus a link to a great art licensing resource)


Every day, I’m convinced I can’t, and every day, I do it.

I promised I would start sharing some of my favorite resources for art licensing, and here’s the first one: How to Create a Sell Sheet for Artists eGuide by Natalie Timmons. It’s free, it’s concise, it’s detailed, and it is incredibly useful; it’s the best guide I’ve found for creating sell sheets for your art licensing collections. And did I mention it’s FREE!?

A letter a day: Z is for zombie

BRAINS!!! It was more challenging than I expected to make a zombie that was more comical than creepy; the first one I did really just looked liked a dead guy. Not cool. Anyway… I like this funny-looking zombie a lot and I have to say I’m quite proud of myself for doing the entire alphabet and not missing a single day.
Tomorrow, the Halloween theme begins with A for apparition!


A letter a day: U is for upside-down

Yep, that’s upside-down alright.

I also wanted to mention that I watched the live stream of Lisa Congdon’s class, Become A Working Artist, over the last two days and it was really terrific. It was full of practical advice, much of which I was pleased to find out I’ve already started doing, and covers fine art, licensing, illustration, marketing, and more. If you didn’t get to watch it live, consider purchasing the video. It’s over 12 hours of instruction from someone who has lived what she teaches and it’s totally worth the price.