A letter a day: B is for beast

Today’s letter: B is for beast!
I did this one in Illustrator again (CS5). I used the bristle brush a lot on this one to do the shading and the furry stripes. In some ways, it’s a lot like work in a regular non-vector painting program like ArtRage, so I felt right at home using it. I’m having fun learning some new techniques and I’m loving how these little guys are turning out. I wonder what tomorrow’s Creepy Creature will look like!


A letter a day: A is for abominable

I’ve decided to challenge myself to illustrate one letter of the alphabet a day, every day. Every letter will have the same theme, and if all goes well, when I get to the end of the alphabet, I’ll begin again with a new theme. The theme for the first alphabet is MONSTERS!!!

I decided to take the opportunity to play with Illustrator since I don’t usually do vector art. I don’t plan on forcing myself to stick with any particular technique for the whole alphabet, but I did have a lot of fun making this little guy, so who knows what tomorrow’s beastly B might look like!