January 25, 2024

Today is the first of the rest of my week. That’s how the saying goes, right? Anyway, this is my first blog post to document/diary my journey toward selling my art again.

I had a smidge of success on Etsy back in 2011-2012 and then let the shop wither for a few years when I went back to work full time. I restarted it a few years later, but when I realized I only made a profit of about $29 in a whole year, I got frustrated and put the shop in vacation mode where it stayed for several more years.

I decided to try again in 2023 and listed about 100 items, many of which had been my most popular items over a decade prior. I got almost no views relying on Etsy search to drive traffic so I let those listings expire and decided that since I’m going to have to drive my own traffic, I may as well drive it to my very own shop and not to Etsy.

That shop is a work in progress. I’ve installed Woo Commerce and the associated payment and shipping plug-ins and I’m working on a whole new body of work that is more in line with my illustration style now: brightly colored and heavy on the scribbles.

I’m feeling inspired after taking Marisa Anne Cummings’, aka Creative Thursday, Profitable Artist Planning Workshop. I’d love to take her Artful Selling course but can’t quite swing it this year. The plan is to save up for it and make a bunch of new art this year. I’m probably going to treat myself to her prerecorded Daily Painting Method Masterclass, which is within my current budget. If I commit to implementing what I learn there, I’ll feel better about my chances of succeeding with the pricier Artful Selling next time it’s offered. I’ve been aware of Marisa and her success ever since I first opened my Etsy shop almost 13 years ago. I know she knows her stuff when it comes to growing an art business, so I have faith that if I implement what she’s teaching, I can do this.

So, long post short, I’m publishing these posts but not adding the blog to the site menu. If anyone finds and reads it, cool, but for now it’s primarily just for me to document my progress and to create a bit of accountability for my self. And now I’m off to read Marisa’s book!